General scope

  • Overview of the Brazilian NP&A community “INCT – Nuclear Physics and its Applications” on Nuclear Physics research activities in Brazil
  • Critical analysis of the present accomplishments, their international visibility, and scientific perspectives
  • Reports of cutting-edge scientific subjects in various areas of the INCT-FNA
  • Establish a strategy for the coming decade of the new generations of excellent scientists to establish a solid scientific future at highest international standards


    1. Program committee
      • Alinka Lépine-Szily
      • Carlos Roberto Appoloni
      • Débora Peres Menezes
      • Gastão Krein
      • Jesus Lubian Rios
      • Luiz Carlos Chamon
      • Takeshi Kodama
    2.  Organizing committee
      • Takeshi Kodama
      • Jesus Lubian Rios
      • Carla Regina Alves Carvalho
      • Kita C. Damasio Macario
      • Djalma Rosa Mendes Jr.
      • Gabriel Silveira Denicol
      • Roberto Linares
      • Rodrigo Picanço Negreiros
      • Pedro Neto de Faria
      • Lucas M. Sigaud
      • Diego Machado C. Soares
    3.  Technical Support
      • Diego Machado C. Soares
      • Gabriel Teixeira Lobo
    4.   Secretary
      • Jaqueline de Araújo Gama Novak
      • Robson Britto